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Although you probably know the size of your saddle, how do you measure it? There are some general guidelines to follow when measuring the seat size of your saddle. The width your sit bone is measured from the point where your knees meet to the point between your buttocks. Your saddle seat size may vary depending on your build and riding style. To find the right size saddle for you, take a seat in a larger saddle than your normal size and measure your sit bone.

The conformation of your horse is a good way to determine its saddle size. If your horse has a narrower wither, you may need additional padding behind its saddle bars. You should also place a shoulder bridge pad behind the saddle bars. A medium-sized tree should be sufficient for horses of average height. A narrow-withered horse should wear a wide-tree saddle. It should be no more than two fingers between the cantle & the horse's withers.

To measure the width your saddle, place your hand between the pommel (or saddle skirt) and measure. You will measure the distance from the saddle's nailhead to the center of its cantle. This measurement should be taken in increments of half an inch. A wider saddle means an Extra Wide/XW one, so you may need adjust your first width. Once you have found the right measurement for your English saddle, it will be much easier to purchase a suitable saddle.

Consider your horse's size and riding style when choosing a saddle. A shallow saddle will work well for a small, tall rider. A deep saddle will work well for a tall, heavy adult. Saddle size charts are not exact, but they can help you double-check your measurements. However, they will not tell you exactly how big or small your sit bone is - so take measurements from two people.

To accurately measure the saddle size of horses, you can use a wire measurement tool. The measuring tool is 16 inches long and made of stiff wire. It can mold to your horse's needs and will not lose its shape if it is removed. The best wire is either soldered or coated. Its eight-inch long point can be used to accurately measure a horse’s wither size. The wire should contact the horse's skin and be flat and parallel to the saddle's back.

When measuring your saddle, be sure to include the size of the cantle as well as the seat size. The finished saddle seat is smaller that the tree seat size. It all depends on what type of saddle you are getting and how the manufacturer made it. A slick, padded saddle will typically be three to five more inches than a full-padded. If your seat size is greater than a full-padded saddle, you may want a saddle with a longer foot.

You can also measure your gullet. This is an important component of an English horse saddle. The gullet is the portion below the fork that rests on horse's withers. The size of your saddle will depend on the gullet width and its angle. The proper height of the gullet is between two and four fingers above your saddle fork. A flexible wire can be placed over the horse's shoulders to measure the gullet. It should bend into an arch shape.

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