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High water is not a danger

Thick, gray rain clouds in the sky for days - and pouring rain. A kind of november in may. Especially hard hit are the school children, whose whitsun vacations are totally rained out. The danger of flooding due to the continuous rain is, however, rather low. It will take a little more before the main river crosses its banks. The persistent rainfall has caused the streams and rivers in the main valley and itzgrund to swell considerably, but it is not dangerous at any place. If the sky continues to open its floodgates, however, some flooded roads are to be expected in the next few days. The straits between bad staffelstein and unnersdorf and between unterzettlitz and wiesen, which are considered neuralgic points on the main because they are always flooded first, could still be passed without danger on monday.At the two gauges schwurbitz and mainleus was on monday only message level 1 indicated, but with an upward trend: every two hours, the main had a three to four centimeter higher water level here.The flood situation report of the bavarian ministry of the environment on monday assumes that the persistent continuous rainfall will lead north of the danube to outbursts and flooding mainly in the area of reporting levels 1 to 2. In the maine region, the main focus of the floods is in the upper mains area. There is widespread overflowing and flooding of forest and agricultural areas.At the gauges schenkenau/itz and untersteinach/warme steinach, level 3 had already been reached on monday morning. According to the forecasts of the german weather service, it will continue to rain in the congested areas of the low mountain ranges, before an intermediate high pressure is established on tuesday, which could ease the situation.The bavarian ministry of the environment therefore concludes that a further increase in the water levels in reporting levels 1 and 2, and possibly also in reporting level 3, is to be expected for the time being. The staffelstein flood relief project, herald tribune news which was set up a few years ago, is proving to be a success. Although the lauter has swollen into a rubbing brook, there is no danger of her stepping out of her newly made bed at any point. At all points - whether natural or stone corset - there had still been plenty of room to go up on monday, so that even further rain would not pose a danger.

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